Corporate Risk Management (CRM) Finance & Invest was established in August, 2014 to offer financial consultancy services to companies, provided through extensive expertise, know-how, market knowledge and networking.

The main target of CRM is to add value to companies’ development with an emphasis on sustainable growth and profitability. The basis of our consultancy is to provide guidance to meet the business targets by synchronizing the efforts in line with the essential principles and rules of the company.

CRM’s key mission is to act as a bridge between the clients and investors to further assistance in obtaining loans & funds, investment relations, and to support client’s economic development by strengthening the business environment and stimulating foreign direct investment in Turkey. CRM Finance & Investment can provide a mix of financing that is custom tailored to meet the needs of each project.

Acting as a trusted advisor of its clients, CRM has many benefits to offer for any type of business, ranging from corporates to entrepreneurs, foreign or domestic, seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise.

CRM endeavors to be a credible, respected and effective partner, providing connection between the public and private sectors in Turkey.  CRM is in an ideal position to work with public and private sector leaders to represent its clients and improve the economic sustainability.

We ensure that you receive the solutions most suitable for your current commercial activities and strategic processes, with full control of the business from the development phase.

Strategic & Financial Intelligence
We provide clients with informed perspectives on project-specific scenarios as well as industry and market movements. Our Financial Advisory practice provides geo-political and market-level insights.
CRM consultancy expertise and leadership in the field of providing access to funding & valuation inspire confidence in the financial executives, boards of directors, special committees, investors, and business owners we serve.

Our Public Policy Advisory practice helps companies navigate the complexities of government regulations and develop strategies to build strong relationships.
CRM aspires to be a trusted and credible advisory service that helps accelerate improvement in the business environment, working in partnership with Turkish businesses, foreign investors, and local decision-makers. Easing to reach the target group clients and establish respected public relations, CRM provides a solid market support through its wide network sources.

For foreign investors who enter into cooperation with individual or/and firms in Turkey, CRM also has a wide range of services to offer through its extensive experience and intelligence network to determine credibility and reliability.
Our effort in these fields is based on our core values of professionalism, integrity, and expertise.

    • Finance & Investment Advisory Services
      • Assistance in obtaining domestic & foreign loans and funds
      • Capital Risk Management, Bank Guarantees
      • Project & Structured Finance
      • CEO, CFO, Controller Consulting Services
      • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services
    • Corporate Strategy & Public Policy Advisory Services
      • Communications with Economic Government Agencies (Network with regulation makers)
      • Strategic Planning Consulting Services
      • Sales & Marketing, Business Development Consulting Services
      • Lean Behavior Business Model Consulting Services
      • Business Coaching & Mentoring Services